Future Lights (2020)

Future Lights is a composition for violoncello and lights in which various lighting effects interact with the performer to create a multisensory experience. Light beams and luminosity change in response to the cello’s frequencies, dynamics, and rhythms.

The inspiration for this work comes from two current events. Firstly, the composition is inspired by the culmination of digital lighting technology, which today allows composers to further expand their ideas to stage lighting control.

Secondly, the 2020 pandemic’s impact in the performance industry has been motivating streamed concerts, however, these concerts often lack several aspects of the real-world experience. Therefore, an interactive system was designed by the composer for Future Light’s première, which went live on the 1st of September 2020 via YouTube. This system allowed live audience interaction through chat messages. The audience was able to change light colours, camera positions and produce “clapping” sounds at the end of the performance, which allowed the audience and performer to feel more engaged with the live aspects of a virtual concert.


Ian Costabile