Amalgamation (2016)

This mixed-media composition explores sound transformations through the use of drawing gestures. Using a software designed by the composer especially for this purpose, visual artists become music performers at the same time they employ their own visual ideas. Sounds change according to gestures, colours and brushes.
In the live performance, the audience becomes involved in the visual perspective, as sounds coming from four speakers surrounding the room (quadraphonic), are linked to the four corners of the screen.

This piece was composed by Ian Costabile in 2016 and it is divided in two parts: “The Rain” and “The Night”.

The premiere was at the VG&M in Liverpool, on the 12th of October 2016. The first part, “The Rain”, was performed by Jakub Kreft and the second part, “The Night”, by David Nobbs. You can watch this live performance below: