Bamboo Heaven (2014)

Following the aesthetic concept of Static Music, Bamboo Heaven is a music sculpture that performs an endless sonority and it is comprised of eight ethnic bamboo flutes from different places in the world. Concerning the sonority achieved, it produces two parallel chords.

Sonority Details

Bamboo Heaven’s sonority is coloured by parallel major 2nds, 5ths and 4ths, producing a very pleasant sonority.

From group 1 (flutes on the right) to group 2 (flutes on the left) the music interval is of a major 2nd. Between flutes of the same group, from the top (bass) the music intervals are of perfect 5th, perfect 4th and perfect 4th.

Flute Details

All the flutes are made of bamboo and are traditional from a certain region. The variety of species of bamboo can be observed along the distinct types of flute construction. In the past these flutes have mainly followed a specific ethnic tradition and before this artwork come into existence they have never been joined together to make music.

The flutes in group 1 are:
• Dizi, from China
• Bansuri, from India
• Khlui, from Thailand
• Pinkillo, from the Andes

The flutes in group 2 are:
• Suling, from Indonesia
• Pífano, from Brazil
• Shinobue, from Japan
• Berber flute, from Morocco

Production Date

Six months of research and work (from December 2013 to May 2014) were necessary to produce this artwork.

Exhibition Prospect

This artwork was premièred on the 25th of July 2014, in Static Music at The Gallery Liverpool.

An exhibition guide and brochure are available on request.