Immanence, to Maestro Calegari (2019)

Immanence is a metaphysical concept or belief in which the divine is manifested in the material world. Spinoza’s pantheistic theory of Deus sive Natura (God or Nature) supports this argument, which opposes the theistic argument of transcendence. This composition suggests that a divine experience can be acquired in the very essence of instruments (hypokeimenon), which can manifest a vital (zoetic) experience through the nature of acoustics. Metallic instruments heat up through strokes and friction, absorbing physical energy to exhale arbitrary inharmonic sounds. Inharmonic sounds, produced mainly by bells and gongs, have important meanings, as they are often used as a support for creating personal connections with the divine in many religious contexts. The spatial exchange between instruments supports the development of an integral manifestation. The composition is organised in five sections: Deus sive Nature; Aural Energy; Hypokeimenon; Zoetic; Divinus. Finally, electronic devices developed by the composer are integrated, allowing the performers to expand their interaction with the essence of the selected instruments.

This composition was dedicated to the Brazilian percussionist Maestro Reinaldo Calegari and was first performed at the Open Circuit Festival in November 2019, by Line Upon Line percussion trio.

Line Upon Line performance in 2019
Line Upon Line performance at the Open Circuit Festival in November 2019
Immanence Mallets
Line Upon Line performing with prepared mallets which light up when touching the instruments.

Video excerpt showing augmented bows.
Sensors were attached to bows using ESP32 microcontrollers for WiFi transmission. The performers could modulate sounds through the bow movements.

Video excerpt showing LED-prepared mallets.
Sensors were attached to mallets with LED lights, so they lighted up when touched the instruments.