Earphones (2014)

Following the aesthetic concept of Static Music, Earphones is a music installation that creates an endless sonority and it is comprised of 180 earphone speakers hung by a suspended ceiling. Concerning the sonority achieved, it produces three major chords. The sonority changes while listeners walk through it.

Sonority Details

Earphone’s sonority is created through three chords: C major, E major and G major. These chords are split into two octaves and provide a total of 18 notes. Each note is then multiplied by 5 earphone pairs (10 speakers).

To facilitate the spectator comprehension of sonority, each chord has a different earphone colour:

C major = White
E major = Purple
G major = Black

When the spectators walk below the earphones’ ceiling they listen to a dramatic change of sonority.

The sound produced was created with a synthesizer and runs in a continuous loop.


Construction Details

To make the suspended ceiling, in total there are 6 panels made with foam-board and PVC pipes. This material was chosen as it is very light and therefore provides safety to all spectators. The panels are connected and hung to the gallery’s grid system.

To play the earphones’ sound, there is a box with a ‘control panel’ inside.

Production Date

Six months of research and work (from December 2013 to May 2014) were necessary to produce this artwork.

Exhibition Prospect

This artwork was premièred on the 25th of July 2014, in Static Music at The Gallery Liverpool.

An exhibition guide and brochure is available on request.