2022, String Quartet: As Folhas de Alizarin, 10′, originally written in 2006 and revised in 2022. info
2022, Helix Nebula, 8-channel Electroacoustic Composition, 5′, 8ch wav file (208MB)
2022, Another Beautiful Film, Film Music, 14′, video link
2022, Insekta, Sound-Light Sculpture
2022, Scriabin’s Sonata no. 10, Light Design
2021, Intersidereal, Suite for Harp and Lights
2021, Belt of Orion, Sound Canvas, 3-channel, 65x35cm
2021, Pulsar, Sound Canvas, 2-channel, 34.9×29.8cm
2020, This is China of a particular sort, I do not know, Film Music, 34’01”
2020, Future Lights, Composition for Cello, Lights and Internet Audience, Score PDF
2020, Organoids, Composition for Bass Flute, Cello, Baritone Sax and Real-time Lissajous figure projection (Lasers)
2020, Arpeggio Study #2: Tucana, Composition for Guitar, Score PDF
2020, Arpeggio Study #1: Pyxis, Composition for Guitar, Score PDF
2019, Immanence, Composition for Percussion Trio and Augmented Instruments
2019, Technogenesis, Sound Graffiti, 6-channel Electronic Composition and Installation
2018, PlatFORM: Composing Topologies, Sound Art Interactive Installation
2017, Sound Frames, Composition for Violoncello, Bass Clarinet and Percussion
2017, Syntony, Composition for Cello, Live Electronics and Live Painting
2017, Sound Lines #2, Sound Canvas, 4-channel, 40.5x91cm
2017, Sounds from Bali & Sounds from Gili Meno, Sound Canvas, 2-channel, 80x30cm
2017, Stereo Space for Rhythmus 21, Electronic Composition for Video, video link
2017, The Seashore, Sound Canvas, 4-channel, 117×35.5cm
2017, Collage #2, Sound Canvas, 8-channel, 100x75cm
2017, Voci della Terra e del Cielo, Site-specific Composition (Pisa Baptistery) for Soprano and Tenor
2017, Bi-dimensional, Composition for Alto Flute and Live Electronics, 6-channel
2016, Amalgamation, Interactive Composition for Live Painting
2014, Collage #1, Sound Canvas, 8-channel, 100x70cm
2014, Earphones, Sound Installation
2014, Bamboo Heaven, Sound Sculpture
2013, Théâtre des Champs Elysées Mai 1913, Electronic Composition for Sampled Sounds
2013, Binaural String Quartet, Electronic Composition for String Samples
2013, Static Music, Manifesto
2011, Oribotics, Composition for 3 Flutes, 1’32”
2010, Concerto Ahimsa, Composition for Violin and Orchestra, 9’00”
2008, Serenade, Composition for String Orchestra, 15’00”
2008, Quartet, Composition for Oboe and Strings, 16’00”
2008, Suite In Homage To Matisse, Composition for String Quartet, 2 Flutes and Oboe, 15’00”
I. Harmony in Red
II. Luxury, Calm and Pleasure
III. Bathers by the River

2007, Ses Gestes dans le Temps, Composition for Solo Flute, 3’00”

2007, The Snow Mountain, Composition for Violoncello and Recorded Sounds, 6’30”

2007, Submersible, Composition for Marimba, 4’30”

2007, The Small Village, Composition for Percussion Quintet, 5’00”

2007, Cachoeiras Sonoras, Composition for Percussion Quintet, 5’00”

2007, La Villa D’ Este, Composition for Sonata for Harp e Oboe, 10’00”
2007, Sabia’s Song, Composition for Choir Canon in 3 voices, 3’00”
2007, O Canto dos Kiwawas, Composition for Recorder, 3’00”
2007, Féerique, Composition for Vibraphone and Viola, 3’00”

2006-2008, Guitar Preludes, Composition for Acoustic Guitar Solo
2007, Car Suite, Composition/Installation for 2 cars, 10’00”
2007, Nesta Rua, Arrangement for Choir in 4 or 3 voices
2007, En Bateau, Orchestral Transcription
2007, Nuit D’ Etoiles, Orchestral Transcription
2006, Tourmalines, Composition for Percussion Quartet, 3’00”