Syntony (2017)

Syntony_CompositionIan Costabile and Jakub Kreft present their ideas through a provocative approach between art disciplines. Through combining live painting, music and technology they are searching for more than an interaction between arts, it is a search for syntony; the harmonic correspondence of thoughts and emotions between performers.

At the same time the cello sustains organic sonorities, the painter adjusts spatial balance and a variety of other parameters due to electronic sensors attached to the canvas. Thus, visual transformations become a result of sound influence on the painter, while the painter’s actions also influence musical interpretation. All above is expressed through the use of colours and sonorities that occur concurrently, infusing an organised texture to hybrid art.

This composition was firstly performed at the Bridewell Studios & Gallery in Liverpool, in June 2017.



A video is available from YouTube:

9th June 2017 Performance