PlatFORM: Composing Topologies

The installation PlatFORM was developed in collaboration with EcaLab, a team of researchers who explore the use of ceramic material for architecture. The soundscape designed aims to support the tangible relationship between people and sound spatialisation. The mechanism was produced for directional sound, thus having individual speakers in 70 ceramic cones, operating as acoustic chambers. This allows the audience to feel close to the sound they are manipulating through their hands. A combination of synthesised sounds, random signals and lights elaborate a unique environment that through an auditory futuristic image suggests innovative ways for the application of sonic or solid materials. The electronic devices and soundscape for Composing Topologies were produced by Ian Costabile. Sound field recordings for Material Topographies were produced by Eduardo Coutinho. This installation was displayed at the Tate Liverpool in September 2018. More info: